Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snake fist of a buddhist dragon (1983)

After the Ming dynasty falls, the descendents of the former government establish an underground party called Chunji-dang in hopes of rebuilding a new Ming. They gather and hide away large amounts of gold to be used for funds later. They tattoo the secret hiding place on a young boy and girl, Hae-wol and Ka-hwa. After some time passes, Wu Pa-ja plans to kill all the members of the Chunji-dang. As he kills them off one by one, he finds out about the secret of the tattoos. On the other hand, Pa-ja captures Bu Rok-sa from the region of Sunam-kum. Rok-sa is about to hang both Pa-ja and Ka-hwa, when Hae-wol learns of this. Hae-wol goes to the execution site and engages in a desperate fight. He rescues his father and his betrothed. This was a really bad experience for my eyes. Direction and cinematography was not here as also acting and dubbing was awful.

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