Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rawhead Rex (1986)

Can it be one of the worst horror films ever? YES...Can it be one of the most rediculous monsters out there? Yes also...It's a pitty that this pain in the ass, is an adaptation of a novel from the legendary author Clive Barker and it turned out to be a catastrophe. The whole story is about a demon, Rawhead Rex, who is released from its grave in the Irish woods. It starts killing everybody around. Howard Hallenbeck is visiting the area with his family, capturing shots for his book and tries to investigate the mysterious deaths. But when his son is being killed by the vicious monster, he gets crazy and struggles to find it. Rawhead also has the power to hypnotize people and let them serving him. It was a remarkable film that I wish I will forget as soon as possible. Watch it if you dare.

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