Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outrage (2010)

The Sanmo-kai chairman learns that his henchman, Ikemoto has struck an alliance with the drug-dealing Murase family. Itomo is the violent substitute of Ikemoto that handles all the tough work, killing anyone under his command. The situation is critical as both Murase's and Iketomo's gangs start a killing orgy and try to prevail on each other. But the big boss has other plans and wants to betray both of them so he tries to convince Ozawa, Ikemoto's henchman to clean up the mess and handle on his own. Itomo's gang blackmails an African ambassador to move out in another place so they can use his past one as an illegal casino. They make him serve them as they point him as the main suspect for a fake killing. A corrupted cop is the last chance for Itomo to survive after the rivals begin. There is no escape though for anyone as they are all parts to a deadly game of betrayal. Kitano Takeshi directs and plays at the same time. Good production, as raging violence make this Yakuza style film work just fine.

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