Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drive (2011)

A driver works in different places through day and night. At day he works as a garage mechanic and sometimes as a Hollywood stuntman. But at night he is an outlaw, driving for robbers. He is flirting with a young woman who lives at the same building but she has her own problems. Her husband is going to be released from jail soon and he still has problems with the mafia as he own some money for his protection. Meanwhile, our driver sets up a deal with a gang and things get more complicated soon. A slow film becomes a powerful and bloody dynamite. The driver is a character mysterious, you can't easily see through him. A film full of 80s memories, especially in cinematography, that sometimes reminded of me video clips that it shouldn't. But in the end you will be satisfied from the direction and the plot as our hero drives into hell, in a dark way, alone without fear.

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