Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attack the block (2011)

Moses is the leader of a teen gang. They try to rob Sam, a young nurse who lives at the same block. After the incident, something strange happens at the area as a flying object falls from the sky and destroys a car. It is a small alien and the kiddos think this is a menace. So they eliminate it and take it to Ron, a drug dealer who lives at the terrace of the building. But no one take it serious and more mysterious objects arrive upon the city. Hi-Hatz who owns the area as a mature gang leader orders Moses to help him with the deals but things get more complicated as it seems that an alien invasion has started and now Moses and his pals have to defend not only their block but also fight for their lives. This was an amusing experience with young English actors, a really funny film that could be a futuristic combination of Goonies and Darkest hour or Aliens.

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