Monday, August 13, 2012

Det okända aka The unknown (2000)

A 'Blair witch project' stylized film that also can remind you of 'The thing' or 'Body snatchers' a little bit and a cool attempt of the Swedish to spread some horror. Five biologists and friends are going to investigate a fire that burned down a forest. Jacob and Ann-Sofie are in love and seem to be a happy couple. Ingar used to be with Tomas who is the weird guy of the company. Marcus is just Marcus. One day they discover a strange creature and try to find out what is about. But their peaceful trip is going to turn into a nightmare as Ingar disappears and Tomas start behaving more crazy. Paranoia comes out from the characters and a continuous nightmare will lead them to the path of this horrible truth. What is going to happen to them and is this creature responsible for all this? Shot with digital cameras, this thriller sometimes looks like really interesting as the cast give realistic performances and the direction is sometimes creative.

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