Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wild Bill (2011)

Bill is free again. He was in prison for some years for doing some illegal business and beating some people. Now on his way back home, he finds his sons, Dean and Jimmy, abandoned from their mother who decided to leave to Spain. The children don't even know him well and Dean isn't very satisfied with Bill's arrival as he think he is a pariah. Bill gets the attention of T, the local mobster and tries to stay away from the troubles but the old time partners can't leave him this way. He has also to face the social services who want to take the kids away. But before that, he has to make his children trust him and this is the difficult point. T doesn't want him in his area and Bill has to take dangerous decisions about his future. But he doesn't know that his younger boy, Jim, is involved into crime business. This is an interesting English production, though it has some cliches. The performances, especially Bill's and the youngsters are really good and the dramatic sequence works fine.

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