Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ondskan aka Evil (2003)

Can you ever find the difference between good and evil? Where are the symptoms hidden and what is the final conclusion? This is an amazing film about a teenager, Erik who tries to finish the last grade of the high school. But he has so many problems. Starting from his family where the new companion of his mother uses physical and  psychological violence against them. So Erik has to feed his anger fighting with other students and this will lead him to a private boarding school. At first, everything looks fine but soon Erik realizes that the situation is not ordinary as the senior students control the young ones. Teachers are just there doing their lessons and nothing more. Silverhielm and his council manage students behavior, attitude and manners. There are also seeds of fascism, sprouted with hate, from some teachers and senior students that make younger kids life more difficult. Erik meets Pierre, a peaceful guy who helps him with the classes and they become best friends. But how more can he afford the vicious methods of the council? Excellent performances, social issues and stunning cinematography. A great film from Sweden that will make your stomach hurt.

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