Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grupo 7 (2012)

Rafael, Angel, Mateo and Miguel are the members of the infamous unit 7. It's mission is to clear Seville from the drug trafficking. But their methods are not always legal even if the results are quite successful. Rafael used to be the most tough cop but after he meets a young girl and supports her, he starts getting softer. Angel, leader of the unit, has ambitions and becomes violent and corrupted soon as he wants a better life for his family. Mateo has a secret relationship with Mahogany, a prostitute who leads them to the heart of drug dealing and help them with the transportation. The internal affairs are following Unit 7's leader as they are suspicious about the situation. As the team slips off the legal limits, Rafael and Mateo end up on opposing paths. A good Spanish production with fast direction and realistic cinematography. It describes perfectly the environment of the oppressed neighborhood in the south of Spain and the behavior of the people.

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