Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some guy who kills people (2011)

Ok maybe this title isn't the perfect match for the story but it is still an interesting gem of an abnormal guy who escapes from reality drawing comics. Ken Boyd was an ex patient of a psychiatric asylum and now tries his best to join back the community working as a fast food employee. Now a series of freaky homicides wake up the town and the local Sheriff tries to find out what happens. Ken thinks of his violent past where some guys used to bully him and make him suffer. But Ken also has to discover about his relationship with his lost daughter, Amy, who have to meet him for eleven years. All the killings evidence point Ken as the main suspect. What will happen after Amy will discover his dark past? A low budget film that delivers a dark, suspenseful sense and some good actors doing their best in order to make this story work for real.

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