Monday, August 13, 2012

Kurutta ippêji aka A Page of madness (1926)

A forgotten masterpiece that was lost for 45 years and finally discovered back from his own creator in 1971. Then he put an amazing score that really fits and  the result was extraordinary. This film reveals both the frightening and attractive aspects of madness. An old man works as a janitor at a psychiatric hospital. The reason actually for being there was to take care of his beloved wife as also plan to free her. She was a patient there after trying to commit suicide before killing her baby. There is going to be anarchy in the asylum and the old man starts having hallucinations due to the sick atmosphere around him. It is a great example of the perfectionism Japanese are known about even so many years ago. The editing, cinematography and the montage techniques are astonishing. Eisenstein was not alone finally. Enjoy the whole film below.

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