Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freeze me (2000)

Chihiro lives a peaceful life working at a bank and has a relationship with her colleague at work, Nogami. But no one knows about her past life when she decided to leave her hometown after she has been raped by three vicious men. She comes to Tokyo looking for something better but one of them, Hirokawa finds her and enters into her apartment by violence. He kicks her and rapes her again as he waits the two other guys, Baba and Kojima in oder to celebrate Baba's release from the prison. But he doesn't know that Chihiro is going to fight back this time. Nogami is confused by her behavior of the last days but he can't help her as she is trapped into her own world. How will she seek for revenge from the three slugs and what will happen to her at last? Takashi Ishii directed a disturbing as also violent film with a woman trying to escape from a continuous nightmare with no salvation after all. Enjoy hell of a ruined soul as well.

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