Monday, September 10, 2012

Black Venus (2010)

This is another incredible film about the human rights of the black people and the way they were been fronted by the society of Europe two centuries ago. Saartjes Baartman was a domestic who left Southern Africa, following her boss Hendrick Caesar as she believed his fake promises for fame and money if she worked with him at the exhibition. A woman with many psychological problems who was living in fear as well, she tried to survive through the humiliation and the disgrace. All this led her to alcoholism and made her health worst. Caesar meets Reaux, a disgusting guy who tries to persuade to follow him in France and continue the show there. The situation gets bad for the black woman and her life becomes pointless as she ends up being a prostitute. Actually this is a real story and a powerful gem, respectable and stunning. The performances are great and the dramatic sequence is extraordinary.

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