Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last caress (2010)

Ventura sisters have hidden a precious painting of their ancestor at a mansion. The person on the canvas used to be a terrible witch who was living in Czech. A strange assassin invades in the house and starts killing all the guests one by one in order to find the lost and rare painting. But he doesn't know about the curse. There is blood and there is also fun. And sexy nude scenes as well. And that's the point to make an interesting tribute to the Italian 70s horror films. Plus the incredible soundtrack from Double Dragon that takes the gem into a higher level with its 80s electro style. French directors are feeling closer into making good and stylish horror flicks even these with low budget and low performance acting. I am really looking forward to check the other work of the package dvd, known as 'Blackaria' and I hope it will be a nice surprise too.


  1. αυτο ηταν αποκαλυψη φιλε μου... neo giallo απο γαλλια!!!!
    κορυφαιο και το soundtrack

  2. ναι ναι ολο το πακετο ηταν απιστευτο...τα σαουντρακ παιζονται συχνα και σε σετς μου...