Sunday, September 23, 2012

Da xia Shen Sheng Yi aka The roving swordsman (1983)

Dugu Ngan is a professional assassin and the only one that has seen Tang's arsenal manual. This is the reason he is hired by the powerful Murung family. Gufang is the last member of it and a vicious mistress who wants to conquer the world. Master Chameleon and Zhi are her loyal assistants. They are all experts in explosives, martial arts and fake identifications. Gufang wants to steal the precious manual because there are written more ways to construct new weapons. Its owner Bai Bing with his friend hero Shen try to save it but Gufang manages to kidnap his daughter Bei in order to trade her with it. Shen with his comrade Yufei try to stop Gufang's evil plans. Another wuxia film from Shaw Brothers telling us about an interesting story of courage and heroic achievements. Check out the epic duel in the mirror maze, probably a tribute to Bruce Lee's classic 'Enter the dragon'.

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