Monday, September 17, 2012

Carancho (2010)

"Carancho" is either a slang term or an expression, used in Argentina, to refer to an ambulance chaser, a lawyer who searches for potential clients around traffic accidents or emergency hospital corridors. Between misery and drugs two people try to come closer. Sosa works as an insurance advisor at Foundation, an illegal corporation that steals the money from the accidents that happen often at a small town in Argentina. Lujan is a young doctor, addicted to drugs, who tries the best for the people suffering on the road or the hospital. They meet after another accident and their fates connect them. But Sosa has to face competitors that want him out of game at any cost and things get messy. Dog the mobster tries to threat Sosa in various ways in order to take him out but the dramatic reality will drive everybody to the unexpected end. Argentinian films are always interesting to me and for one more time, this one is another great gem, with good performances and real characters.

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