Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hodejegerne aka Headhunters (2011)

It's all about reputation. On that basis, Roger Brown is working as a successful headhunter. He likes to live in style with his beautiful woman Diana on his side. His secret about his happiness is working as an art thief alongside with his partner in crime, Ove, a security officer who helps him deactivating the systems. Ove has two passions, his Russian girlfriend and guns. Everything is under control until one day Diana introduces Clas Greve to Roger at the celebration of the opening of her new gallery. Clas seems to be another charming gentleman but behind the mask you can find a former soldier and a really dangerous man. When Roger attempts to steal a rare painting from Clas's house, everything comes upside down and the chase is on. Impressive thriller from Norway with good cast, an excellent script that could have won a lot of prizes with its suspenseful story and fast cinematography.

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