Thursday, September 13, 2012

Juan of the Dead (2011)

Zombies in Cuba? Can it be? Oh yeah. And the solution is one. Juan and his mates, Lazaro and his lazy son California and La China, a fabulous trans with his huge black bodyguard. The team sees zombie's arrival and transformation as a business opportunity. And their moto is simple as that : "Juan of the dead, we kill your loved ones." They try to survive and kill as many zombies as the customer's calls increase each day. But the casualties are often and the company splits. The political issues are here blended with humor and action. The fight scenes are sometimes hilarious and the hopes for a better future look like a dream sometimes. Because this is the point. To dream without thinking and make your best as well. And Juan knows a lot about it. For sure.

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  1. απο τα καλυτερα των τελευταιων χρονων.
    στα βηματα του Shaun of the Dead