Monday, September 10, 2012

Everything is illuminated (2005)

A sensitive movie about memories and the remarkable attempt of a young American guy to collect all the things of his family that will keep the past alive and the the thoughts of his ancestors untouchable.  Jonathan Safran Foer plans a trip into Ukraine, with a photograph of his grandfather in his pocket and the name of a village in his mind. He arrives at Odessa and hires a funny group of Heritage Tours, compiled by a gruff old man, his English-speaking grandson and their deranged dog. The trip is interesting through the beautiful countryside of Ukraine and the quest for the lost village continues. What happened there, will change the lives of the three men for sure and will give them a bittersweet taste of life. Elijah Wood performs with his unique style and the results are really well. Liev Schreiber proved for another more time that actors can sometimes surprise the audience at the same way as directors.

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