Friday, February 4, 2011

La zona (2007)

Where are the limits for keeping a neighborhood safe and is life so important instead of personal safety?
Three kids intrude into a restricted area where rich people live. They starve and they are looking for something expensive to steal as they rob the first house they meet. Unfortunately they find inside an old woman who is pointing a gun to them and after a fight one of them kill her. Then a neighbor kills two of them and the local guard by mistake. So the community will keep looking for the third kid avoiding the calls for research of a loyal cop. Because they want to keep law outside their peaceful place and they think they can act as gods over human rights.
So this is will be a death trap for the poor little boy and only another young man will try to save him. I liked so much this extraordinary film because we can see two separate social classes. The poor that no one is going to do something for them and the rich who act like arrogant and violent animals. Is this the dark future of our civilization maybe?

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