Saturday, February 5, 2011

Xin du bi dao aka The new one-armed swordsman (1971)

Lei Li is an arrogant martial arts master who is expert in two blades sword ship. He will be blamed as a thief and murderer by the more experienced master Lung Er-Zi. They will have a duel and Li is going to cut his own arm after loosing the fight and due to a promise he gave to Er-Zi.
He will quit the martial arts and work as a waiter at a small country inn.
But everyone is bullying at him now he is a cripple. Ba Jiao is the daughter of the blacksmith and she likes him and try to take care of him even if he hides his skills as a martial artist. Hopefully another young hero, Feng Chun-Chieh will arrive and shall be friend with Li. When Feng is going to accept the challenge of a tournament placed at Lung's Tiger Mansion, he will loose his life and Li is going to revenge of him! This is an amazing film of Shaw Bros and the last of the 'One-Armed Swordsman'trilogy!

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