Monday, February 7, 2011

Srpski film aka A Serbian film (2010)

Insanity? Perversion? Darkness? What can you say for this horrific film?
I think it is one of the best I have seen last ten years. It contains extreme violence and gore to the limits. I don't suggest it to normal people though.
Milos is living with his wife and son, while trying to forget his last days of glory as a famous porn star. But now he needs more money and when an old colleague contacts him in order to offer him a job, he accepts it without knowing the consequences. It is about a new project where Milos won't have any information at all. The brain of this idea is a ex psychology doctor who now directs underground films. Milos will sign the contract without knowing he deals with the devil now. He will have to play the star in the most violent and seek film ever directed. How can he escapes from this situation and is he ready to confront the dark secret of his brother that is connected to the twisted director? A must seen for horror films fans. All the rest get prepared!

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