Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ma fung gwai kuen (1979)

After his father's death, Tieh Chiao San is looking for master Meng to extend his kung fu knowledge. But Meng is the leader of a gang of tricksters who affect the doctors in a small village. So they beat the villagers and then they wait for them as customers. This situation is hilarious and Tien who doesn't like it will be a witness into a secret meeting of Meng and master Lin where illegal dealings happen. So he will run for his life and when the gang will beat him up, he will find shelter at a family's house. A secret passion with the girl Tsai Chiao will appear and her Leper Godmother with the help of the Shaolin master will help Tieh to develop the Leper's Fist style and defeat Meng and his gang whose members are a (Hippie?) guy and another fighter (with an umbrella?). Tieh will have Little Rat fighting on his side along with Tsai. It is an extraordinary comedy and it is worth seeing it!

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