Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Objective (2008)

Atmosphere full of tense and nice direction are the main elements of this cool sci fi film. Placed at the desert of Afghanistan, a CIA agent with the help of a special forces team is looking for a religious leader. The purpose of this mission is to interrogate the old man and know every information about a secret weapon that the United States government discovered from the pics taken from a satellite. Natives in the desert think that the newcomers bring only death with them and the religion thoughts fright them. The troops soon will discover a powerful alien form known as Vimanas from the ancient times. They have triangle shape and no one knows about their origins. Will be this mission their last and what is meaning of all this?
A lot of people misunderstood the final thoughts of this interesting film so some liked it and some hated it. It is not only about some guys looking around for an extra terrestrial phenomenon but an ode to human life and how governments use people for their purposes.

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