Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Le dernier combat aka The last battle (1983)

Welcome to the land of nowhere, a place taken from the apocalypse.
The earth has been destroyed after a nuclear blast and a few survivors are fighting for food and shelter. The one who has the more technical knowledge and the skills is the one that survives. Our hero is this man. He lost his wife and child somewhere and lives under the ruins of a building. When he attacks a gang and kills their leader, he will have to escape through desert with his weird flying construction. He reaches an abandoned city and after a battle with a barbarian, a doctor will take care his wounds saving his life. Soon they will become friends but after a strange incident doctor will die, and he will remain alone to confront the barbarian again and save the mysterious prisoner of doctor. This was the debut film of French Luc Besson who became a great director analyzing the human behavior into paradox situations.

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