Saturday, February 26, 2011

Der rauber aka The robber (2010)

A great film adaptation of the novel 'The robber' by author Martin Prinz, based on the real life of Johann Rettenberger, a marathon champion but a bank robber also. He was so addicted in robbing banks and cars that finally it was the only point in life to him, although he had a woman who loved him and took care of him, a warm place as a home and a great career as an athlete. This film successfully enters into his passion, directed in a special way that focuses on the psychological efforts this man used to have and the passion to complete them, dedicating everything and especially his life as a robber for a reason he was only knew about. I loved the intense of this film and the direction as the editing is a very good work! Andreas Lust did his best as the protagonist and used his excellent skills as an actor in order to give us on of the best psychological portraits of a bank robber on the screen!

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