Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amore tossico (1983)

This is maybe the best film about drugs. And the reason is that the Italian director Claudio Caligari used real junkies and non professional actors to show the image of this tragical story where reality is a fact and death is all around. Cesare and his pals are looking for their next fix surviving at the detached suburbs of Rome. He lives a distorted romance with Michela taking more and more drugs and trying to find a meaning at their misery. This circle of ill people steal and spend their time looking for money and the pleasure of the moment. The main actor, Cesare Ferretti, died of AIDS in 1986. Several co-actors also died some years later. It is a shame that these young people died in real as no one could help them survive from the nightmare of drugs. This film is dedicated to all people and their families who suffered from the drug illness.

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