Thursday, August 25, 2011

Atrocious (2010)

I used to be a fan of Spanish horror movies (check 'Rec' or 'Tombs of the Blind Dead') but this film was so disappointing. I was expected something supernatural or maybe a bigger taste of terror. It was an awful experience though waiting for nothing. A family arrives at their villa, at the countryside near Sitges in Spain. There are rumors about a ghost girl who helps whoever gets lost inside a labyrinth who is located near their home. The two youngsters, Cristian an Debora want to search the place and find the truth. But they will regret it soon. Actually this film is much worst than 'Paranormal activity'. The editing sucks, there is no serious direction, especially when you spend three minutes just looking on the ground with infrared light and the whole thing is a total disaster. Go out for a beer instead!

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