Monday, August 15, 2011

Shi er jin pai aka The twelve gold medallions (1970)

Miao Lung is a mighty swordsman. He decided to intercept twelve gold medallions from reaching their intended destination. These medallions are actually messages to General Yao Fei that instruct he and his followers to cease their resistance to a Tartar invasion, sent by Prime Minister Qin Hui who is the traitor. He charges Jin Yantang with the delivery of this medallions. Jin is Maio's master and father of Jin Suo who was engaged with Miao. So their happiness is going to end as Miao rejects her in order to fight with her father. But Miao doesn't know that Jin Suo shares his patriotism, and works against her father secretly. So they join forces again, along with some other heroes and will confront the traitors in a deadly battle. A great story as long as a retro kung fu spectacle. Dramatic but also entertaining it was another amazing production from the unremarkable Shaw Brothers studio!

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