Thursday, August 11, 2011

Última Parada 174 aka Last stop 174 (2008)

Sandro and Ale-Sandro are two boys growing up at the tough suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Sandro witness his mother cruel death while being robbed in her small restaurant. His dreams have been destroyed and he can't forget that. He tries to live with his aunt but finally he escapes to Copa Cabana to find a new life. But he messes with poor children who steal for a living and use drugs as well. Alessandro brutally kidnapped by a drug dealer who raided him as a criminal. His life was violent and he managed to escape when his father died at a battle with another gang. These two youngsters will meet in different situations and the will become best friends. But they will separate again. Alessandro's real mother still seeks for him but she will be cheated by Sandro who appears in front of her as her real child. And soon things will be out of order as Sandro gets more and more violent, lost in the world of paranoia and drugs. A marvelous but also sad film that is realistic and dramatic due to the actor's excellent performance and powerful direction, based on a true story.

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