Thursday, August 25, 2011

See piu fung wan aka Black Ransom (2010)

Detective Mann is the leader of the A team at the police investigations bureau. This time he has to search about the loss of various leaders of the Chinese Mafia, better known as the Triangle. Sam is a former cop who lost his brother due to Mafia boss, Ice and he seeks for vengeance. For that reason, he forms a special squad and they illegally active against the mobs. They kidnap them, take the money and then kill them. Sam also was in love with Eva, a relative of a former mobster and this cost his job. His new lover is so jealous and tries always being on his side. Things get more complicated as Ice is in love with Eva and Mann knows that Ice is the responsible for the death of his ex wife. Now he and Sam have a common enemy instead of their critical game of survival. A very interesting action film including drama and suspense that keep you stuck in your chair. Enjoy!

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