Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bionic Ninja (1986)

A secret conspiracy happens to Hong Kong once more. The top technical secret film is being stolen from Gordon who is under the services of Mr. Smart?. The attacks continue by two individual gangs even he doesn't have any more the parcel. In the meanwhile, a clan of ninja who cooperates with Russian KGB follows him and observe the whole story without interfeering. CIA sends Tommy, a tough agent to take back the film at any cost. When he will be attacked by the Ninjas, he will go and take some Ninjutsu lessons from a Japanese master. By the book as we way. This thing was actually ridiculous. As Godfrey Ho uses two separate movies to complete the story, the whole thing becomes finally horrible. There is no acting at all, but lots of nude scenes blended with action and numerous fights and the classic bad dubbing who completes this crappy work.

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