Monday, August 15, 2011

Trolljegeren aka Troll Hunter (2010)

Thomas and his mates are students who investigate a series of mysterious incidents where bear killings happen near Oslo. They follow a hunter,Hans who seems to keep a tremendous secret about the existence of mythical creatures, better known as Trolls. They are two main categories of these, the mountain trolls and the forest trolls. So the brave team will fight against both of them. They use infrared light as a weapon to kill every beast who stray from their territorial boundaries. It is a difficult mission and soon the three youngsters will loose faith and have casualties. It is a strange, new stylish film that didn't impress me so much actually. I would like it more dark and efficient. The acting was just fine, there was also fun but I expected something more serious maybe. But you have to try that if you like adventurous fantasy films!

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