Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kak ya provyol etim letom aka How I ended this summer (2010)

Pavel is a young guy who works at a desolate island near the Arctic territories. His daily duty is to receive and send radio signals through the transmitter. Alongside with his colleague, Sergei who is a weird guy, born and raised at this difficult environment, they are trying to do their best at work. And survive of course. One day, an important message arrives and Pavel has to give it to Sergei. But because he is afraid of his reaction, he decides to delay to transfer the message. Things get complicated and soon the atmosphere gets poisoned with lies and fear. Are things as bad as they seem actually? A spectacular Russian film with stunning photography and great acting from just two actors. This is the great Russian school of cinema where you can picture emotions at every move of our heroes.

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