Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nordkraft aka Angels in fast motion (2005)

What a great film. Three different personalities mess into the game of fate. Each one fights for survival though drug addiction. Placed in the grey Aalborg in Denmark, these three individuals are looking to upgrade their lives. Maria is a drug trafflicker, living with her boyfriend Asger who looks to live in his fantastic world, trying to be a tattoo artist unsuccessfully. She wants a better life for her and she is adored by Hossein, a mysterious Persian guy who has business with Asger. Steso is a junkie. He is so fucked up with drugs and he can't deny that. He loves Tilde, a girl who is a clinic patient. She can't stand him any more and so they break up. Allan seems to be the toughest guy among our heroes. He worked as a sailor and his face got injured at an accident where he got burned. He has to payback his former friend Frank as the last one didn't rat on him while police arrested him and sentenced him to jail in place of Allan. All these characters will be part of a game of life and death. A realistic process to the drug problems and their consequences through life. Beautiful and inspiring!

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