Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bitter Feast (2010)

Hopefully my blog is not about cooking and tasting food. Because maybe i could have tasted the rage of a crazy chef as in this movie. The celebrity cook Peter Grey looses his job and his show on the television after the blogger JT Franks criticizes him in a bad way. So he will pay him back. He kidnaps him and penetrates him as a dog. He has trials for him in order to let him survive. The chef becomes a maniac who is the hunter as the blogger becomes the prey. When an investigator will try to help him, he will also be a target for Peter. Soon Jt's girlfriend Katherine will join him in the cell and together they will try to escape from this death trap. Actually I liked this film because I think the portrait of the killer cook was realistic and the act was quite good. Maybe the end will be lame for some people but what the hell? Taste this different revenge film and look for the answer yourself!

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