Friday, March 18, 2011

In a better world (2010)

Christian and Elias are going to the same school and become friends when the first helps the second to confront another kid that threatens him. Christian can't stand his mother's death from cancer and starts being aggressive against everyone. He acts like a psychopath in order to pay back whoever thinks he deserves that. His father doesn't know about his strange behavior and can't imagine what is going to happen. Anton is Elias's father, a doctor who works at an African refugee camp where a warlord kills people just for fun. He will be in position to stop that but he will never be the same again. His relationship with Elias mother Marianne is cold after their divorce but they will communicate better after the tragical incidents that will take place soon at their small town, somewhere in Denmark. It is a story that gets better and better and the plot is quite good. It won the Oscar for the foreign language film this year!

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