Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peppermint candy (1999)

This is art cinema for sure. It is a study upon the surface of life and destruction of our humanity. Kim Yong-ho is our hero. He finds some old friends celebrating their reunion after twenty years but he is so broken that he will commit suicide in front of them at a railroad bridge. Then a trip back to his life starts and we will see the purposes of his suicide in reverse motion. Each of the seven periods we are going to watch, is separated by the poetic image of a train running backwards. We will find out why a man can be so mean at his work as a police officer, or his problems that ruined his family. His dreams to be photographer disappeared and his life completely changed after a tragedy happened while he was in the army. His first love with Sun-im, never happened and he distorted the reality and his passions on his mind. Society in these difficult periods in South Korea didn't help him succeed in life at all. A film that contains political and social reports with excellent acting and photography as well. Recommended to everyone who loves artistic and thoughtful cinema!

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