Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Viy (1967)

A Cossack is never afraid of anything. This is what Khoma Brutus the philosopher uses to say. Along with his two friends Khaliava - the theologian and Gorobetz - the orator, they all are monks and seminarians at the church. One night they will find shelter into a place where an old witch lives. She will fall in love with him but his scoffs on her, she will want to revenge him. So she will haunt him and pretend the dead daughter of a noble in order to kill him. When Khoma will be ordered to arrive there and prey over her, he will find himself into a church where Hell appears and demons, monsters, the witch and the mighty Viy want him dead. This film is based on a little known story by Nikolai Gogol and contains really good special effects for its era and a great sense of humor.

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