Monday, March 7, 2011

Inugamike no ichizoku aka The Inugami family (1976)

This is one of the extraordinary films of legendary Japanese director Ichikawa Kon that is between a family murder mystery and supernatural suspense. It is based on Yokomizo Seishis epic work and it is your stuff if you like the good thoughtful Asian cinema. Inugami Sahei is the founder of Inugami pharmaceuticals, a company that is not so legal as people think. When he passes away, his three past wives will wait for their place into his will. But they are surprised finding out that he put another person, Tamayo in the contention of his inheritance. But Tamayo has to follow Sahei's order to marry on of his grandsons, Sukekiyo, Suketake, or Suketomo. When they start being murdered, investigator Kindaichi arrives at the town and tries to solve the mystery. But he will discover the shocking family secret!

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