Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ZombieWestern: It came from the West (2007)

This is a great hand-puppet animated short film from Denmark. Inside a big cave full of graves of famous Western film contributors as John Ford and Sergio Leone, an Indian magician tries to save his tribe from the doom. At a small saloon in the middle of the desert we will find Virgil, a shy young man and his father Jack who is a racist against the Indians. Virgil is being fooled by two tough cowboys Eddie and Hank. We can see reports in famous western film actors as Clint Eastwood when the first zombie attacks the saloon. The dead were brought back to life due to a ceremony of the Indians in order to protect themselves from the Dark Butcher, a menace who terrorized them. I like puppets especially when they involve into a horror story like this.

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