Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiru aka Kill! (1968)

Genta is a vagrant and a yakuza who arrives at a small town. Hanji is an ex farmer who arrives there too and he has a dream to become a samurai. His skill as a swordsman are not perfect yet, but he is strong as Hercules. He will become friend with Genta and they will involve into a complex game of murder and betrayal among local nobles. Ayuzawa is the evil brain who tricks on his own men and send them to death. Tetsutaro is one of the team and along with his fellow co fighters they will have to stand upon the army and some ronin that Ayuzawa sent against them. Genta as ingenious he is, he will discover the conspiracy and will help the seven samurais who are trapped over the mountains. Hanji will also find the truth and as he likes Genta he will help him against Ayuzawa. Kiru is a great film that blends drama with action and comedy with suspense. It is a masterpiece at its genre!

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