Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cove (2009)

As I love all the animals I wanted to write about this amazing documentary that won so many prizes all over the world and is dedicated to the survival of the dolphins. It is about the massacre that takes place in Taiji, a small town in Japan with government, the fishermen and media hide the story from the masses. Over 23.000 dolphins used to be captured and slaughtered at a small cove over there every year. Only a few were being survived and sold to aquarium shows around the world. So the old trainer of the well-known show 'Flipper' Ric O'Barry with his group of activists tries to expose the shocking truth of animal abuse and the danger of eating the dolphins. But his mission is difficult as the area is heavily guarded. But nothing can stop Ric and his attempt to save these lovely and clever animals. A great production with the message of loving all God's creatures as ourselves!

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