Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tange Sazen: Hien iaigiri aka The secret of the urn (1966)

Samanosuke is the best swordsman in Yagyu clan and he is loyal to it. After the commandment to eliminate a traitor he will loose his one eye and left arm. So he will become a Ronin and change his name to Tange Sazen. Guraku is the leader of another clan and he plots to use the repair of Nikko Toshogu temple to destroy Yagyu clan and obtain Kozekaru's urn, the only treasure that has remained to Yagyu and promises their salvation. After a battle the urn will arrive on the hands of Sazen who wants to protect it for his own reasons. Guraku will send Kaiten, a cold blood killer and chief of ninja assassins to kill Sazen and take the urn. Ofuji and Yokichi, a brother and sister who are thieves will be the allies of Sazen and the epic battle to save the urn and expose the conspiracy will start. It is a great example of Gosha / Chamabara films and a real entertaining one!

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