Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fright night (1985)

When Charlie, a teenager finds out that his new neighbor, Jerry acts strangely, his life is going upside down. The reason is that Jerry seems to be a vampire who kills innocent women with the help of his roommate, Billy. Jerry tries to convince his girlfriend Amy and his buddy Ed about the situation but they think he is taking it too much because he is affected of his favorite tv show, Fright Night. This broadcast was famous for its stories about vampires, spirits and other evil creatures. As the killings at the town increase, Jerry is going to ask for help from his idol, Vincent who hosts the show. Can they defeat the prince of darkness? A classic vampire film that was a hit during the eighties. Sure the effects are not the best but the direction and the working acting of the cast help for the best result. Beware of your neighbors.

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