Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning patrol (1987)

A fugitive or a survivor. A lone woman walks alone at a destroyed area. She finds shelters at abandoned apartments, chased by shadows. When she enters the forbidden zone where the Morning Patrol, a death squad, executes everyone, things are getting difficult for her. When she is being touched by a guard, together they try to escape and find the sea at the West. They have a common quest but also a common past maybe. They can't even remember what happened before the big catastrophe. Will they do it or do they have to pay the cost for freedom? Nikos Nikolaidis is one my favorite Greek directors. With his bohemian style, he introduced a new style at the eighties decade, a universe full of cult figures, misery, desperation and dark atmosphere. So this gem is another great item from him, with stunning photography and haunting soundtrack.

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