Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hwal aka The bow (2005)

A young girl is living on a boat with an older man. We don't know their names or their past. The owner invites fishermen to spend their time there and relax. But when they tease the girl he grabs his bow and threatens them. He feels a desire for her, a strange passion and maybe not the proper one. The girl who grew up there doesn't know anything about life or what really happens beyond the sea. She is fine with that until one day a young boy comes on the boat with his father for fishing. Then her hearts starts knocking louder and she falls in love with him. But the old man becomes jealous on her as he wants to marry her when she will be an adult. There is a lyrical view on this love story where the impractical conflict with the logic, where two options of love can't exist on a normal basis as two different kinds of ages see it through another prism. Korean director Ki-duk Kim continues to surprise me with his stunning and poetic direction.

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