Thursday, May 10, 2012

The wackness (2008)

Luke Shapiro is a youngster who works as a drug dealer in order to save some money and help his family from moving out due to his father's mistake. His parents are not getting well together and Luke visits a shrink, Dr. Jeffrey Squires. Soon he becomes his dealer and they become best friends. Jeff's step daughter, Stephanie finds Luke interesting and they start hanging out. She feels him as a friend but Luke's feelings are more deep. He falls in love with her and they spend sometime together. Dr. Jeff also has problems at his relationship with his wife. So they try once more to reconnect. It's a little romantic story in the summer of 1994 where a guy who is ready to enter the college, thinks about life, future and love. Ben Kingsley as Dr. Squires is really entertaining and there is a working plot as well.

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