Sunday, May 6, 2012

Redline (2009)

Biological weapons, tons of robots, an intrigue between a space race competition and a technological empire that wants to keep its secret safe, some crazy motherfuckers who drive their rocket vehicles and want to win at any cost. These are the components for the action animation film of the year. JP is the main character, a guy who is so cool as his haircut. Real rocker at heart and soul, he and his crew try to win the Redline, the epic circuit that takes place on the surface of a planet that is part of the Roboworld empire. The emperor and his government will do anything to stop the intruders in order to keep their military secrets safe. But the trespassers are not the usual guys who want to take a tour but the faster drivers in the universe. And that means there is going to be chaos and a huge race full of personal battles and hyper action. Excellent production, nice soundtrack and adrenaline at high levels.

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