Thursday, May 3, 2012

More - Mark Osborne (1998)

The quest for happiness looks unreachable for a man who works hard in a factory. He lives in a grey, sterilized city where things feel the same day by day. No hope, no dreams, no life. Except his dream where a small group of kids are playing happily. Can he find the solution and where is the key for the real freedom? Happiness is now a product at the super markets but can it really ever change? A strong experience as long a masterpiece. Enjoy and feel the deep mood of this awarded animation plus the great soundtrack from New Order and their song Elegia.


  1. απλα καταπληκτικο...
    πολυ ταιριαστο το soundtrack απο New Order

  2. καποιες δημιουργιες αντεχουν στον χρονο και παραμενουν παντα επικαιρες...σιγουρα αυτη ειναι μια...